Fitting & Adjustments

When you receive your kit from us, please fill out all information on the Custom Orthotics Invoice, making certain to initial the two areas indicated by the X mark. Please fill out all information on the Orthotics Data Sheet form. Be sure to indicate on the drawing of the two feet, the areas that you may have any pain on the bottom of your feet. Please maintain the pink copy of the Custom Orthotics Invoice for your records. Then, please return the white and yellow copies of the Custom Orthotics Invoice, Orthotics Data Sheet along with the casting box to our laboratory:
Custom Orthotics Inc. 
5035 Florence Street 
Oakwood, GA 30566 
Please be certain to return the casting box in another shipping box to ensure no damage occurs to it during shipping.

Below are instructions on how to use the Foam Impression Kit once you have received it:
  1. Open the impression kit.Impression
  2. Remove your shoes and socks. Sit in a firm chair so that your knees and feet are at right angles to the floor (90 degree angle).  Move toward the front of the chair to attain the correct angle.
  3. Place your foot gently on top of the foam and push from the knee down to ensure a deep heel impression showing arches fully.  This is approximately half the depth of the casting box.  Note: Once you have planted your foot in the casting box, DO NOT MOVE YOUR FOOT!  If someone is assisting you, have them gently apply pressure down and toward your heel with the palm of their hand on top of your foot, pushing your forefoot to same depth.
  4. Finish the impression by pushing toes gently into the foam to approximately the same depth.
  5. Repeat these steps for the other foot.
  6. Close the box and return it with the white and yellow copies of the Custom Orthotics Invoice and the Orthotics Data Sheet.


Platinum Series Orthotic Adjustments

Before sending in your orthotics for an adjustment, please check the following list:

  • Are your shoes worn or stretched?
    Replace shoes and test.  Remove any arch support in insoles.
  • Do you feel like you are coming out of the shoe?
    Wear the orthotic between the hosiery or sock and foot to keep the orthotic in the proper position.
  • Have your feet suddenly started bothering you in certain shoes?
    Remove the shoe’s insoles and cut down the parts that may be interfering in the proper positioning of the orthotic or replace insole with flat cushioning insole
  • Do you have the orthotics in the correct shoe?
    Little dimple always goes to the outside.

Complete the ORTHOTIC ADJUSTMENT FORM and mail with your orthotics to our lab at the address at the top of this page.